Thursday, November 25, 2010

Part 9: Captures Galore

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Okay, with my DSi somewhat charged up, I continue on route 205 and run across a few trainers along the way. Also see a new pokemon called Aipom. It's a monkey.

I really hate monkeys.

I continue along, battling trainers and trying to train Pancake up to a decent level to contend with everything.

And thus, I come to the entrance to Eterna Forest. As I walk into the forest, the air grows dark, and the leaves crunch lightly under my feet, the sounds of the forest growing stronger as I leave the safety of the route before this.

I go a bit farther in, but am suddenly stopped by someone. She is in need of assistance and has heard of Team Galactic. She thinks there would be safety in numbers.

I figure two people isn't going to make a difference...but I agree anyway.

It appears that by being with someone, they automatically MUST be in a double battle with you, and all the pokemon that swarm are always in pairs.


Came across a new pokemon called Buneary. I might try and catch this one.

Well that was unnecessarily tense. Double battles are not the place to try and catch pokemon I suppose. Cheryl has a Chansy who is egg bomb happy. But I was finally able to catch it. I named it Mimzy and put it into the computer.

I'll be taking advantage of this and grinding here as long as I can. Later.

Slathered a honey tree I found in the Flower meadow in Floaroma at 4:35am. I'll check on it at around 10:30am and hope I get something good.

I went to check the trees I had slathered in honey earlier, and went through some grass and came across a Pokemon called Buizel.

OMG OTTER. *captures*

It's actually rather cute and adorable. I decided to name him Josh because it's a bit like a cute baby otter. And baby otters really are the best. And Josh is cute and sweet.

Went through the forest and caught Gastly. Didn't nickname it, I'll probably keep it in the PC.

Checked the tree near the Waterworks and caught a Burmy. Slathered the bark with Honey at 6:36am. Will be done at 12:36pm.

Checked the tree north of the waterworks across the bridge and caught Cherubi. Slathered it with Honey at 6:40am, will be done at 12:40pm.

I wanted to check out the Trading Center in Jubilife to scout out for a Glameow. I found a few being offered, but they're all wanting Pokemon I don't have, like one wants a Ho-oh, and another wants a Pokemon that has to be evolved in a certain manner or something like that. Rather frustrating. So I went to the GameFAQ boards to see if there was anyone there who was willing to do a fair trade with the Honey Tree pokemon.

I hope I can get one at a lower level too, I'm saving a spot on the team for it.


I was offered a Glameow egg from Mitch, that way I can name it and everything. ^_^ I am super excited.

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