Saturday, November 27, 2010

Part 15: Mt. Coronet

A sad thing has happened. My EXP share was knocked out of Belle's hands...and I don't have a clue how to get another one. I've looked in all the stores I have available...but nothing.

I'm thinking maybe it's an item I can get later on, but for now, I'm sad I lost it, it's very helpful.

I make my way towards Mt. Coronet with my team all healed and happy. A few trainer battles along the way, but nothing terribly spectacular. A couple of level ups in my team.

As the cave entrance to Mt. Coronet comes into view, I hear a shout behind me.

"Donny! Wait up!"

I turn and see Dawn run up to me, panting and out of breath.

"How's your Pokedex coming along?"

"Um...okay." I'm not a huge talker, especially to girls. "How about you?"

"Me? I'm somewhere between fantastic, and..huh..hopeless..." She grows a bit distant, and then seems to snap back into reality. "But this isn't about me! I've got something for you!"

I'm just getting handed stuff left and right. I should have become a Trainer years ago.

"Choose which hand." She sticks out two fists and I blink and point to her left hand.

She opens it up. "You chose the Vs. Seeker. I'm impressed, you know what's important."

I...couldn't see it, so yeah...I don't argue against the childish game and stick the VS. Seeker into my pocket. I put it beside my Map, Journal, Vs Recorder, Pal Pad, Fashion Case, Sprayduck, Works Key, Explorer Kit, and Bicycle....wait...wut...

"Using that Seeker, you can find Trainers who want a rematch with you. Oh, you have a Poketch, right?"

I look down at the five mile wide watch on my arm. I'd say so.

"Cool, you can have this too, then." She opens her other hand and gives me something. "This is a Dowsing Machine. It locates unseeable items. You should touch it often!"

Touching is good.

"It will help you if there is an item that you can't see."

Hence the term "unseen".

"I bet there's something here, even! Try it out! But in the meantime, keep working on your Pokedex, and I'll do the same. Rowan is counting on us!"

As his slave labor. She finally runs off, and I look down at the watch and touch the screen.

It goes off and I walk forward a few paces, lean down and shuffle the dirt a bit. Oh hey, a buried Great Ball.

I make my way into the semi-darkness of the cave. After a few feet, a person steps from the darkness.

It's Cyrus. He starts talking without even a hello.

"According to one theory, Mt. Coronet is where the Sinnoh region began."

His eyes glaze over a bit.

"In a newly created world...a world where only time flowed and space expanded."

I blink, backing up a few steps.

"There should have been no strife. But what became of that world?"

None remain who know.

*Awesome Legend of Zelda theme from Wind Waker*

Oh...wrong game.

"Because the human spirit is weak and incomplete, strife has spread..."

Well...yeah we could all use a bit of work, but still.

"This world is being ruined by it. I find this state of affairs to be deplorable."

And with that, he shoves past me.

A nutcase.

I finally make it through the cave onto Route 208. But that's good for now. Saving and quitting for the moment.


  1. :O was knocked out of my Pokemon's hands! ;_; That's unfair.

  2. I'm fairly sure hold items will return to the Pokémon after the battle. Although my memory could just be a douche to you, i don't know.

  3. If you really need another one, I have a spare that I traded over from myself.

  4. Actually, you can win Exp. Shares from the lottery in Jubilife. I have 3.