Sunday, November 28, 2010

Part 18: Hearthome Gym

"Thank you for waiting. We've restored your Pokemon to full health. Hope to see you again!"

I give the nurse a strange look. She blinks.


"You...want my pokemon to be hurt?"

Her mouth opened in a surprised look. "Uhh..."

So here I am. The battle between me and Fantina. She uses Ghost type pokemon, this much I know.

I step out of the confusing dark hallways of the Gym and into a brightly-lit room with its single occupent: Fantina.

She smiles as I walk in. "Ohohoho! Finally you have arrived!"

She stands and does this weird twirl before landing her hands on her hips in a strong pose. "Since I came to this country, always I try to learn new things. They hold Contests? I say to myself that I will excel. That is why I dress this way."

I look at her purple hair and dress. Hmm.

"C'est une performance! Also, I study Pokemon very much. I have come to be a Gym Leader. And, uh, so it shall be that you challenge me. But I shall win. That's what a Gym Leader does, non?"

We prepared our Pokeballs and I send out Waffle. With a flick of her wrist, a Duskull appears. I grit my teeth.

Time to get my determined face on.

A few Flame Wheels from Waffle take it down easy enough. I switch out to Belle as a Mismagius appears.

The battles goes well and pretty much according to plan. The Mismagius was a bit of trouble, but I had Belle use Hypnosis and then was able to take it down with a few Faint Attack moves. Then, when it fainted, I switched to Starbit and Haunter was taken out with one Bite.

Fantina was shocked. "I am dumbfounded! You...your pokemon! So very strong! I admire your power with this Gym Badge!"

She handed over the Relic badge and explained I could use the move Defog outside of battle. I also got TM65 (Shadow Claw).

End of Gym Status:

Everyone except Waffle is at level 25


  1. Shadow claw's a good move for Belle

  2. ^ I agree with Sunami. Also I just wanted to let you know three of your pokemon are weak to eletric. I suggest you drop Josh (Floatzel) for a Steelix later on or another ground type pokemon. Steelix is good for the amount of resistances.