Thursday, November 25, 2010

Part 10: Leveling Stuffs

Awesome things have happened. Mitch traded a Glameow egg and I gave him a Cherubi from when I got it from the Honey Tree this morning.

He said that I would be able to name it and it would listen to me now. So now I can put it on the team if I want to! :D I named it Belle, because it deserves a better name than "ugly". I think it's cute and adorable.

Okay, let's go and level it up a bit.

I'll need to keep an eye out for Teddiursa, which Tim tells me is on Route 217. So that's a while yet, but I like keeping notes on what to look for.

I trek all the way back to route 201 to train Belle by using the switch method of sharing XP. It only has the moves of Fake-Out and Sand-Attack, so I can get in one good hit before having to switch out. She'll learn Scratch at level 5, so that's good. I got the kind that has "Own Tempo" which means it'll never be confused.

Okay, after sticking on Josh's LP of Mario Sunshine, I got Belle up to level 17, and she now knows Fake Out, Faint Attack, Scratch, and Hypnosis (which hasn't hit yet).

I need to work on leveling up Josh and Pancake next. I don't know if I'm going to stick with Pancake now because I like Josh's movesets better, and it's a more interesting Pokemon to look at. I'll start with Josh, and if I see anything in upcoming routes, then I'll probably put Pancake into the PC.

I swear, one Bidoof out of 20 Shellos. SO sick of fighting against Shellos.

Okay, got Josh up to level 15 and going to stop for right now. I'm going to go eat dinner with the neighbors.

I checked on one of my honey trees and got a female Combee. :D


  1. what species of Pokemon is Pancake? it's so cute that you named it Josh! ^.^ *squee*

  2. I named the Buizel after Josh. Pancake is a shellos.

  3. Shellos! cool! I've always wanted to use one of those but I just havn't... I love Buizel's I got one once and named it squishy (I dunno it looked squishy...)

  4. This is my first txet LP and I got to say, I am really enjoying it, it may be because you sure know how to tell a story, it could be my addiction to pokemon lately, or it could be both. Which ever one it is, keep up the good work. =]