Thursday, November 25, 2010

Part 8: Team Galactic

So with the Works key in hand, I head off to Route 205. It isn't long when I run across a little girl in the road, and she appears to be crying. She sees me and tells me her father is being held hostage by Team Galactic.

We'll have to rescue him then. Where are the authorities in all this, seriously?

I continue going right and see a large field of grass, with a Galactic Grunt guarding a door. He sends out a Glameow...I really wish I could find one of those, but I was told it is not in Platinum, which makes me sad. I kind of want one because of it's super cuteness. I defeat it with no trouble, and Waffle gains another level to bring it to 14.

After defeating the grunt, he runs in and locks the door, preventing me from getting further inside.

Since this is a new route, let's do the grass shuffle and see what we get.

First pokemon encountered is a Pachirisu, which I name Pacha. It's cute, I might check it out a bit. The next encounter is a Shellos. It is more interesting than the Pachirisu, but I'm going to try both of them on the team for a bit and see which one feels like me.

Okay, now that I've found all the cute things I think, I go over to the door and use the works key. The guy who ran inside is standing just inside the door. We sorta stare for a moment, and I wonder if he's been standing there the entire time I was shuffling around in the grass. But then he just sorta squeaks and runs off to tell his Commander.

I meet up with the first trainer of this place.

Ohhai Zubat. Haven't seen you before.

I go through two trainers, and at this point, I'm falling asleep at my DS. I need a nap.

Okay, now that I'm awake, I continue on through the building and run right smack into a red-haired guy who says he is one of Team Galactic's three Commanders, but then he hesitates and says there's actually four Commanders.

This guy's name is Mars and he starts to monologue about how they are trying to make the world a better place, but people have shown little understanding about what they do.

No kidding. Maybe it could be your introductory style.

He--oh, now that I see the sprite--SHE challenges me to a battle. If I win, the Galactic Team will leave.



Beaten Zubat and then this thing called Purugly and OMG IT IS SO FLUFFY-LOOKING and is AWESOME.

I must have this. I will probably find something to trade for it. Perhaps something that is exclusive to Platinum, because Glameow is exclusive to Pearl. That would be a fair trade.

Scyther or something off of a Honey Tree Josh says would be good. Okay.

Alright, had a VERY annoying battle with the Purugly. Sheldon was the MVP for the battle, with Pacha sacrificing himself to heal him. It would use a combination of Scratch, and then I would go and pick a move, and then it would attack me again with Faint Attack. So it basically got in two moves on me.

Sheldon grew to level 17, and Waffle to level 15.

Mars can't contain her surprise at my win, and she grumbles a lot. But she said she enjoyed our battle.

Before I could say anything, someone else speaks up.

"My, my. Lose to a child, will you? But, no matter. We've collected plenty of electricity. With the power we obtained, we can do something quite spectacular." The man steps forward and gives a smug look. "It seems quite obvious to me, Charon, the genius even the boss recognizes." He gives a glance at Mars. "We should be going."

Mars whirls on the man. "SHUT IT! The boss is the only person in the world who's allowed to order me around. You can keep quiet around me! You only joined recently. DON'T think you're important!"

With that Mars turns to me and snuffs. "I guess it's time to say goodbye and leave for the time being."

AND THEY VANISH INTO THIN AIR! No not really, it's just a scene transition.

The scientist who had been huddling in the corner said that Galactic was doing it to create a new universe, or so they claimed.

(And every time I keep wanting to say Galactica. Yay for science fiction shows I've never seen.)

Oh, this is the scientist we were sent to rescue. Completely forgot about him. Huzzah for naps in the middle of a segment. That's the great thing about a text LP.

Suddenly the little girl rushes in out of nowhere and is very happy to see her dad, but calls him stinky and for him to go shower.

Well then. And then she says something stranger.

"I think the balloon Pokemon will come visiting again!"


Balloon pokemon?

Josh tells me that I have seen it before, and it's called Driftloon. Oh yeah, I remember that, it's SUPER CUUTE.

So I head outside and see...oh god it's him. Looker.

He says that he's heard that Team Galactic appeared at the power plant and he came running when he heard.

Too little, too late, dude. I'm the hero in this game.

I tell him that I was able to clear them off, but he's going to investigate inside anyway. He runs inside, and I can't move. Two seconds later he rushes back outside and actually believes my story. So now he's going to pursue them. get right on that. He does give a good tip that he's heard that Team Galactic is in Eterna City, so he's off for that.

Now to slather trees with honey. SO exciting.

I go up and run into a trainer.


Thankfully, Sheldon was at full health and it's a Ponyta. Easy win. So before I go and walk in front of more people I don't know, let's save and get healed up. Or save and quit, because I have to charge up my DSi. Good segment, got lots done.

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  1. know Glameow evolves into Purugly right? Because you were talking about them being exclusive to other games or something.