Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Part 6: Evolutions

So I'm hanging out in Jubilife for a little bit, looking at The Global Terminal for a bit. I explore inside for a bit, but nothing really interests me.

There are a lot of people in the building and I have to sort of struggle my way through the crowd. A giant globe spins in the center, and I walk up to it and register my location, Washington, in the USA, of course.

There doesn't seem to be a lot to do here, though. You can trade with other people, but I don't know anyone, and besides, I wouldn't want to trade anyway--especially this early in the game.

There's another floor where you can watch recorded battles.


And another floor where you can look into people's PC's.



I make the trek back to Oreburgh city, only running into a few random battles along the way, and surprisingly didn't run into any in the short cave.

I roll my eyes as I pass by the sign that's on the Gym building that says "Call me Roark the Rock!"


These vent things scattered around the's weird. I talked to one guy who says they exchange the hot air down below with fresh air outside. What purpose is this used for? I assume maybe it's for the miners working in the hot conditions, but I'm not sure...

So let's go to the Museum.

*One boring tour later* Okay, let's not do that ever again.

I go back over to Route 207 where I first caught Waffle. I need to speak to the guy on the bike again.

I approach him and ask him where I can get a bike like his. There's a slope right in front of us that is too slippery for walking, but apparently a bike can make it.

...logic...there is none. It would take so much more force to actually get a bike up that sort of slope.

Okay, that aside, he tells me that there's a Cycle Shop in Eterna City. I grab my map out and notice that I'll have to go back through Jubilife City from the looks of it to reach there...and Floaroma Town.

Maybe I'll meet some new Pokemon on the way there. I fold the map back up and start on my long walk.

I hit Jubilife City and head north, and I see ahead of me what looks like a group gathering. I see Prof. Rowan and Dawn apparently being harrassed by some mystery man. I duck behind the nearby lampost and listen in.

"-over all your research findings. For free naturally. Failure to comply will result in a painful time for your assistant."

My eyes narrow at these spoken words. What research could possibly cause someone to take that much risk in their actions? I can't hold back anymore, and I go up to the group immediately, hoping to disband the harassers.

Rowan greets me and asks me how the Pokedex is progressing, and notices my Oreburgh Gym Badge. Really, Rowan, is this the time for pleasantries? He compliments me on my success though, and I revel in the praise for a moment, but the mystery man interrupts us.

He tells the professor he is being difficult and that they are only speaking to him on business terms. And that they demand he comply with their demands.

I have to laugh when Rowan turns on them and just flippantly waves them off with one hand telling them to just be quiet. He clears his throat, telling them that, "There are still lessons you need to learn. Don't loiter about, don't interupt conversations, if you don't get your way, don't raise your voice to try and be intimidating, don't think you are strong because you are in a group, and what is with those outlandish outfits you have on?"

I can barely contain my laughter as he tells me and Dawn to not end up like them. But the mystery man doesn't seem to take it so lightly.

"You have forced our hand into making a show of force! We will make you regret insulting Team Galactic!"

Rowan merely sighs and rolls his eyes, motioning to us. "You kids, give these thugs a lesson in civility, please."

I blink as Dawn says for me to battle with her.

Wait...a DOUBLE BATTLE?! D: I don't know if I'm prepared!

Too late, they've sent out Stunky and Glameow. Glameow is kinda cute, I make a mental note to look for that one.

Starbit does a Charge move, and Dawn's Chimchar takes the lead with Ember. After a bit, I have Starbit use spark on Stunky. It goes down easily, and Starbit grows to level 15. Good job, I'm proud of her.

Then, suddenly, Starbit jumps out of my hands and a bright lights surrounds her as we all watch her start the very quick evolution process we've all gotten used to.

At first, I hold my breath, my eyes widening in anticipation as I await to see what Starbit is going to become. There's that moment of hesitation and white light, and I have to close my eyes. When I open them, a beautiful healthy Luxio stands before me, and Starbit just seems to be grinning at me as if to say "Hey, I got this, no need to worry."

With the spectacular change of Starbit, the Grunts seem to be scared off. They retreat for now and run north from here.

I gather up Starbit, who just purrs in satisfaction at her accomplishment and I glance at her.

"I still feed you."

Starbit just sticks her nose in the air and I motion to the pokeball at my waist. With a bound, and a flash of pink light, she dissapears into the ball.

Rowan looks off in the direction the two thugs went. He says they call themselves Team Galactic.

"When Pokemon evolve, they seem to release some type of energy. However, I think it's a mystic power beyond our control. Team Galactic seems to be studying that power's potential, so they can use it for something."

Dawn turns to me. "Donny, did you know? The Professor studies the evolution of Pokemon too. 90% of all Pokemon are tied to evolution. That's probably why they tried to take the research data by force."

Rowan sighs. "Well, it's all over now, and thanks to you two, nothing came out of it. Incidentally, Donny, Kudos to your battling skill."

I glance down at Starbit. It really was her, and then she evolved on top of that. And then all that information about the evolutions and what Galactic wants to do with it! Seeing the raw energy that emits during the evolution really is just awe-inspring, and I could tell that whatever it was, Galactic would use it for their own selfish needs.

A few farewells pass, and they both walk off. Someone else walks up to me quickly, explaining that he is from Jubilife TV. He wants me to have something for the "smashing battle".

A fashion case.


But after all that, I'm tired, so I go ahead and save and quit.


  1. brynna, sorry to burst your bubble, but glameow is not available in platinum ):

  2. I love how in the last one you walked into the POKECENTER instead of the gym! XD

  3. by the way, I'm Letters from youtube!

  4. Please continue the Pokemon Platinum LP D: