Friday, November 26, 2010

Part 13: Struggling Through the Building

So here I am in the Galactic Building. I have to choose a set of stairs.

I start off and choose the left set. I end up in a double battle between two Grunts.


*goes and cries in a corner* I really...hate...fighting Zubats.

*flashbacks of ShinyGold*

Okay, that was a fantastic battle, really. Sheldon learned Bubblebeam, and Starbit learned Bite. They also grew a level.

Here's my Pokemon stats at the moment, by the way. Look at the Trainer card on the right sidebar if you don't remember what kind they are. Their names are on the card.

Sheldon: Level 19
Starbit: Level 18
Waffle: Level 21
Josh: Level 20
Belle: Level 19

Still unsure who I'm going to use as my sixth Pokemon. Drifloon is cute, but I need to try it out on the field after this.

Okay, the right stairs didn't lead to anything interesting other than a battle item which I will sell imediately. At least I got some good XP points though and stuffs.

I go up the left staircase and I'm met with more staircases.

I have a feeling I'm going to get lost. Quickly.

Okay...a trainer has Kadabra. This should be interesting.

*a few minutes later*


Okay, finally took it down with Waffle's Fire Wheel.

*goes to Pokecenter to heal*

Okay, I finally made it to the top floor into this really awesome room with starry wallpaper.

I really want that wallpaper.

I walk past an obvious battle and pick up something called Up-Grade. No idea what it is, but I'm sure someone will tell me in the game.

I walk up to the pink-haired girl.

"What do you want?" She scowls at me.

"Isn't it obvious?" I say, confused.

She folds her arms. "How silly of me to even ask. You want to free the Pokemon."

"Um...actually, I just want to free the bike store manager so I can get a bike..."

She doesn't seem to hear me. "FINE! I, Jupiter, will deal with you."


Okay, that is taken out easily. What's next?

*stares at Skuntank's sprite*
Someone didn't think that sprite through. Seriously.


*limps out of battle*

Dear team...was ripped to shreds by that Skuntank. AND THE STUPID NIGHT SLASH. Either I need to raise speed on my Pokemon, or the game needs to stop doing two attacks in a row, seriously.

I beat the thing, barely. Sheldon was the only one left in my party, not counting the Bidoof because he's only used to get into the building.

"Well aren't you tough?"

I glare at Jupiter.

"It's okay, though. Our official Pokemon-statue investigation is finished."


"Mars has collected energy from the Valley Windworks. We're pretty much finished here. I'll let you in on one thing."

I blink, surprised she would be so forthcoming with information.

"Our boss is researching the myths of ancient Pokemon. With the power of mythical Pokemon, he will become the ruler of Sinnoh..."


"I suggest you keep out of Team Galactic's affairs from now on. This is your last warning!"

I'm shaking.

She goes off, and the bike manager runs over to the Clefairy in the room.

"I got my beloved Pokemon back, and it's all thanks to you! But that Team Galactic...they said that Clefairy came from space!"


"Their logic baffles me still. It's like THEY are from space!"

Wait...they're nutcases?


"Anyway, they're gone now, thank you very much! I can't thank you enough right now, but cruise by my Cycle Shop, okay?"

And he VANISHES, oh wait...scene transition.

Okay then. That was a good session. I'll have to level up a bit, but my team did a very good job with the trainers and such.

So let's go heal up, buy some more potions, and then "cruise by the cycle shop".

Oh wait. *saves about three times*

After exiting the Pokemon Center, I am stopped once again by Cynthia.

"There you are! I was looking for you, I have something nice. I wanted you to have this Pokemon Egg. Will you accept it?"


*goes to store Bidoof first*

Okay. I've accepted a strange egg. Now GIVE ME MY BIKE.

And now I am happy. I have a bicycle, a strange egg, and a good team. Stopping for now.


  1. "they each got a move and they leveled up too" ... Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they HAVE to level up to learn a move?

  2. they don't absolutely have to, you could teach them a TM or HM to make them learn a move

  3. true, but when did she say ANYTHING about ANY TMs?