Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Pokemon Platinum Text LP

Welcome to my first text Let's Play. This will be a journey through Pokemon Platinum with someone who doesn't know pokemon very well. My first game I played was Pokemon ShinyGold, a fan-made romhack of another game.

I was introduced to pokemon through my boyfriend, Josh, who had a passion for the games and wanted to share that with me. I was unsure at first, my last game of Pokemon having been Pokemon Yellow way back on the Game Boy Colour.

He was kind about my rather stupid questions about everything, and provided the ShinyGold romhack and lead me through it nicely, showing me the best types of pokemon, the best way to strategize against the rivals, ect. I can't say I remember everything, but at least I was shown, and he doesn't get annoyed with my questions. I think. :D

So coming up on the end of ShinyGold, I was wanting to get an actual game for my DSi handheld console. I asked him about which one would be best, taking into account that the DSi does not play GBA games, unfortunately. He told me the differences and strong points between Diamond and Pearl, then told me Platinum would be the best choice.

So, On November 22, on the first snow of the year outside, I went and got it at our newly-opened Gamestop down the street, using store credit. It was on sale, thankfully, but being a popular game, was still in great demand, even used.

The first one I picked up didn't actually work in the DS, and I had to take it back. I hoped that this wouldn't be an omen of things to come, but I was able to pick out a nice copy, and brought my DSi with me this time to make sure the game worked. I didn't want to drive in the snow twice, even with it being such a short distance.

So I got my game, no box and no instructions, just with the knowledge that Josh would be able to help me out. I drove home, and impatiently waited for him to show up on Skype, so I could tell him that I got the game. In the meantime, I started it up and erased the old file, which only had two hours on it.

Finally, he showed up. And thus, I could begin my Pokemon Journey.


  1. This definetely looks interesting. It will be fun to...read XD Ive never looked at at text lp. And Im hoping this will provide a new experience which would make reading slightly more interesting (because other than guides and school books I don't read). Also I laughed when I saw that you posted this at 4:00 AM

  2. This LP will be... different, I suppose. It's definitely nice to stray from the usual every now and then and try something like this.

  3. Hey Brynna this is pretty good i was just wondering if you wouldnt mind if i added you as a friend on platinum?