Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Part 21: Veilstone Town

I caught a Scyther and a Chansey on Route 210.

My route to Veilstone City was long and wet and torturous. I almost got killed at the very end by a double battle, my poor pokemon were limping out by the end, it was so bad.

I finally make it into the city and start scouring the town for a Pokemon Center.

Before I could find one, I pass in front of the gym and someone calls my name.


I turn and see Dawn headed for me.

"Are you going to take the Gym challenge? You keep getting tougher and tougher, don't you?"

I shrug. "I suppose so. But my team is good. What have you been up to?"

"Me? I went shopping at the department store, and...well...I've been working on my Pokedex, but..."

Behind her, the doors to the Gym open and what looks like a wrestler drop out stepped through them. He was singing a raucous tune.

"The ring is my roiling sea. The towering waves shaped me! I'm the tidal wave of power to wash you away!" The man saw us and smiled wide. "Hello, dude and young lady! You're challenging the Gym Leader, are you? Let me tell you, she's young but she's a born genius. I tried training with her and I was stunned by how tough she was!"

I sighed inwardly as he continued to talk. I really wanted to heal my Pokemon.

"I'm the triple-threat Gym Leader in Pokemon, wrestling, and song. I'm Crasher Wake of Pastoria Gym! We'll meet again!"

And with that, he walked off south, leaving me and Dawn to ourselves.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Well, he's kinda odd. Good luck on your Gym challenge, Donny. I've gotta go."

Finally, by myself, I could find a pokemon center.

After healing up my team and giving them a few poffins as a reward, I went shopping and got some healing items as well as a TM called False Swipe. It looks like it might come in handy.

So now we're gonna talk to everyone and see if we get anything. I got another App called a Counter. Looks entirely useless. It counts for you. Whee.

I went into another house and someone had a Pokemon called Porygon that needed taking care of. So I agreed to take it off his hands. Apparently it had run away from the Team Galactic. I nicknamed it Polygon (SO original, I know).

I receive a Coin Case from playing a guessing game with someone. Also got TM63 (Embargo).

I see another building called the Game Corner. It looks interesting.

Okay, the music in this place is EPIC. I start browsing the machines, tried it a few times, but didn't get into the groove of it too much. As I was about to leave, a hand shot out in front of me, startling me.

"Examin, if you will, the reels. The Team Galactic Logo, it is here."


"Further investigation is needed, and I'm just the man to do it. Where the masses gather, so too does information." He sighs. "My streak is broken.

I finally wander out and take a look at the Team Galactic building. I had also heard rumors that they had a TM for Fly in there.

I should investigate it...

...next session.

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  1. I LOVE Fly. My favorite move in any Pokemon game.