Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Part 5: Oreburgh Exploration

I went north in Oreburgh and walked around in the grass to level up Sheldon and Starbit, and ran across a Ponyta. I really, really like the look of it, so I'm excited to find one. I always wanted to try and use one, so this will be a good chance to try it out.

I was told by Josh that in Diamond and Pearl, Ponyta was the only Fire type you could find besides the starter Chimchar. Platinum added in a few others.

I caught it after a few throws and immediately named it Waffle, keeping up my tradition of dumb horse names. Though, Waffle is named after Epona from Twilight Princess, when me and Josh were playing a bit of it together. I leveled it up to level 10 and saved and quit for the night until I could play with Josh later that night.

So here I am, wandering around in a mine, looking for the leader of the Gym. I finally hit a back wall and turn right, and come across a red-headed man who tells me to stand back.

Then, all of a sudden, the boulder that was in his way is just smashed into dust, and as it clears, my eyes stare at him in a wonderment.

"Fallen boulders need to be smashed so they're out of the way." he says to me. I sort of take it as a well, duh, moment, but his words seem different, more thoughtful.

He says that if I want to do that, I would have to beat the leader at the Gym in town..which just so happens to be him.

Of course it is.

So finally I end up at the Gym, and look up at the imposing sight. So this is where my destiny lies...


...why do the Gyms look so much like the Pokecenters?

After a bit of searching to find the correct building, I looked back up at it and grinned. THERE was my destiny.

I went into the gym and saw that I could pass by the two trainers if I wanted to. But...I like free XP, so I go ahead and fight them. They were rather simple, and gave me no trouble, Sheldon wiped the floor with them.

And now for Roark. His first two pokemon are easy and taken down by Sheldon in one go. And then, Roark brings out a new pokemon I haven't seen called Cranidos.

I was still using Sheldon when Cranidos used Headbutt and brought me down to 17 health, then Pursuit right after that when I chose Bubble and then brought me down to 2 health. I then beat it with a critical hit. Was a bit of a tense battle, because Waffle and Starbit probably wouldn't have been able to survive.

Sheldon evolved after the battle, at level 16, into Prinplup. He wants to use the Metal Claw (off the top of my head, I am unsure if I can use that Quick Claw item I got. I sure hope so.) move, and has Pound, Growl, Bubble and Peck. It is a somewhat difficult choice, but I think I'll go with offense. I tend to play with an offensive flair, every now and again I'll use stat damaging moves, but otherwise, I like the quick offensive battles.

Got the badge, Rock Smash (or the ability to use it outside of battle), and TM76 (Stealth Rock).

Met up with my rival, Tim, in my attempt to go back to the cave and use rock smash against the rocks in there to the north. In the cave, I found TM70 (Flash), Big Pearl. I taught Rock Smash to the Geodude I found and showed it to someone, who then gave me a Dusk Ball.

I went back to Jubilife City and once again ran into Looker. This guy is weird and puts me off-kilter very fast. There's something...bizarre about him. Dunno what it is. He's part of the International Police though.

THAT MUST MAKE HIM TRUSTWORTHY. Yes, I did need to shout that.

I go to the new part of town and spend about five minutes staring at the fountains. They are very mesmerizing, and have nice moving animations on them. All in all I'm impressed with the graphics of this game so far.

I'm enjoying the three Pokemon I have at the moment, Starbit, Waffle, and Sheldon. Their strength and weaknesses are interesting, and I always liked flawed characters in some way, mainly because it causes more interesting battles and obstacles.


  1. lol! fail! XD walk into the pokemon center instead of the gym!

  2. Yeah, I always go for the quicker, more offensive option. I can't stand wasting time on lowering stats if I could damage them instead.