Monday, November 29, 2010

Part 19: Rival Battle

I step out of the gym and breathe the cool night air. I check my map and eye the east road. That looks like a good way to get to Solaceon Town.

After a stop at the Pokemon Center, I wrap my scarf tighter and continue along the way, coming to the building marking the start of the route. As I walk in, Tim is standing there with his arms crossed and a dangerous look in his eye.

"I've come a long way since I've seen you last. I say we have a battle to see who's Pokemon are best."

I look at my healthy pokemon and grin.

"Let's duel!"

Having a lot of faith in the team, I have a fantastic battle, soundly defeating Tim. At the end, his pokemon unable to battle, he just looked terrible.

"It goes to show my surefire winning strategy doesn't work." He quieted a moment before continuing. "Remember what I told you before? Make sure all your attacks hit! Avoid every enemy attack!"

He let out a sigh. "I thought that was a wicked strategy, but it doesn't work beans. I guess I have to grind it out and toughen up the team a bit at a time. Anyway! I'm off to Solaceon Town! See ya, Donny!" He stuck a thumbs-up pose and gave a wide grin.

"You'll be shocked by my growth the next time we meet!"

And with that, he ran off, leaving me with my own journey.