Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Part 4: Rival Battle and Oreburgh City

So I now have Starbit and Sheldon, and I always try to level up to at least level 10 before leaving the first town.

Starbit hit level 9 and learned Charge, which is good, considering it IS an electric Pokemon. Sheldon is at level 11, so I'm going to keep him there for right now, but Starbit needs at least one more level before I start heading off to Oreburgh City.

With Starbit now at level ten, I'm going to go ahead and heal up, save, and then head for Oreburgh.

Headed for Route 203 and have run into Tim. And of course, he wants to battle. Not even a hello or anything.

Okay, his first Pokemon is a Starly, and I'm using Starbit. The Starly easily goes down, and then Tim sends out his Turtwig. God, that stupid Withdraw attack. It takes so long to do any damage. Every time I use Leer, it uses Withdraw, and it's very annoying. USE SOMETHING ELSE! Was doing ONE point of damage, until finally got a critical hit. But it survived with one point, and Starbit fainted with one more hit from the Turtwig, but I was able to win it with Sheldon.

So, after heading back to heal, I begin my journey on Route 203. I see an item I might be able to reach, but I have to go through a trainer first. I defeat him with a bit of trouble, he had a Zubat and kept causing confusion on Starbit.

But I was able to get my item. It was a Pokeball, not too bad.

So I run across a few other trainers, this one kid wants to fight against gym leaders, and he sends out a level 8 Machop. Don't think that's gonna go well, kid. But Starbit grew to level 12 with that fight, so that's kinda cool.

The next trainer has a new pokemon I haven't seen yet called Budew. It's somewhat cute. The trainer also sends in an Abra. And for some reason it tried to teleport, and failed of course.

Another trainer caused Starbit to go up another level and learn Spark, so perhaps that charge move will become useful.

Okay, let's see if I can make it through this cave to Oreburgh City. I hate caves. Hate 'em so much.

I walk into the Oreburgh Gate and some guy gives me HM06, which contains Rock Smash. But I can't use it until I get the badge from the city.

Okay, then...that wasn't a bad cave at all. Two trainers and a level up from Starbit later, I find myself in the City, where I will heal up and stop for right now. Catch you guys a little later.


Okay, let's explore the city a little bit. I went into the Pokemon Center and got my Friend code for Wi-fi stuffs. Finally found out all that.

I notice my rival, Tim, standing out in front of the Gym, and he says that the leader is really tough, but that he's gone off to the coal mine.


I'm not told why the leader went there, so I explore the buildings around town. I find someone in the first building on the left at the north part of town who gives me a Dusk Ball.

And there's someone who named their Psyduck "Yellow". Well that's just original.

In another building, someone wants to trade Machop for an Abra, and another guy wants to be shown a Geodude. If I can remember, I can at least try to do the Geodude thing.

Found out the leader's name is Roark, and apparently he went to work in the mines. He uses rock type pokemon, big shock there, so that means Sheldon will be pretty good against them. Might have to level up a bit.

Got a Great Ball from a kid who liked the look of my Pokemon's eyes. Explore a bit more later on.

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