Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Part 3: Exploration

So it's 5:30 in the morning and I turn on my DSi to do a little bit of stuff in Platinum.

So let's post up some stats of my Trainer Card. I went ahead and made a Trainer Card for the sidebar of this LP to keep track of changes and such easier. But it just shows what Pokemon I have.

IDNo. 31300
Name: Donny
Pokemon: Piplup (Sheldon)

So I step out of the Pokemon center and notice two kids holding what looks like a DS. They are trading with each other. DO THEY NOT KNOW THE EVILS OF TEH TRADING?! Actually, trading is okay with your best buddy I think, not complete strangers though. I move on to explore more of Jubilife City.

Jubilife City is bustling with activity. I see a sign that reads "Population: 68"

Well now.

After wandering around for a while, I learned that Rowan apparently specializes in evolution of Pokemon, and that he conducted research with Professor Oak of the Kanto Region. This is the Sinnoh region.

Walked into the Trainer's School and found an X Attack. Apparently Tim is here too. I delivered a Parcel that was given to me by Tim's mom. I forgot to mention that yesterday. It's a town map, which is useful I suppose. Oh, and there's two. Yay, I get a town map!

Tim says that Oreburgh City is where he's going to be heading next. I continued speaking to the trainers in the building and learned a few interesting things like which types of Pokemon are good/bad at fighting each other. It's basic materials, nothing too terrible to remember.

Okay, here's some good information to remember:

Grass is weak to Fire
Fire is weak to Water
Water is weak to Grass

There is someone to battle here, I'll go ahead and do it to see what it gives me. It is School Kid Harrison and he sends out a Level 6 Starly. I go ahead and use Pound and take off a bit of damage, but Harrison uses an X Attack on his Pokemon, which raises it's attack damage. The Starly is beaten easily with another two Pounds and Sheldon grows to Level 10.

Since I am offered another battle by School Kid Christine, I go ahead and do it for the experience. Was a good battle with a Bidoof, not too difficult, and I got a critical hit too.

Because I beat both of them, I recieved a Potion from Harrison. Okay, let's explore a bit more after healing up at the Pokemon Center.

I tried to go into a part of town, but was stopped by someone who said that I don't have any Gym Badges. That will change soon, I'm sure.

I go north from the Pokemon Center, and am stopped by some guy who says I have no Poketch. What is a Poketch? I'm not really told anything, but I need to find three clowns in Jubilife City, and I can get one.

So...let's go hunting for clowns!

Found one rather quickly right above the Pokemon Center, and he asks me this question:

"Does a Pokemon grow by defeating others and gaining Exp. Points?"

I answer correctly and get my first Coupon.

I'm offered to make my first group. I know nothing of it, so I just opt out at the moment. Will have to ask Josh about it.

Another clown in front of Jubilife TV station. He asks if a Pokemon can hold an item. It can, so I get my second coupon.

Last clown in front of The Poketch Company building. He asks if the moves of Pokemon also have types. I say yes, and get my last coupon. Since that is my last one, and I have all three, I head back to talk to the guy. And I get a Pokemon Watch. Apparently I can add apps to it, and it has a cute picture of a Pikachu on it.

Scrolling through it, it has a clock, calculator, step counter, and current Pokemon in my team. That's kinda cool. The clock will be useful anyway.

I want to go shopping. I sold a few things, and then discovered something interesting. There's something called a Heal Ball, and it restores a caught Pokemon's HP. That's a neat idea, but I don't buy one. There's also something called Air Mail, but I assume it's to send mail to a friend, which I don't have any friend codes, nor even what my code is. I will have to ask Josh how to find it.

Got a free Quick Claw in the Jubilife Condominium building.

That's enough for right now, so I'm going to go ahead and save and quite and continue some more later.


Okay, back on route 202, trying to find a Shinx. It is a super cute thing and I want it. Got a free potion from someone who works at a Pokemart. Grew to level 11, learned Water Sport and still looking for the Shinx.

Found a very strange creature called Kricketot. I used Sheldon's Pound move and caught it rather easily that way. It's a bug Pokemon, not my favorite, but I'll give it a try. In a traditional way, I suppose I'll name it Jimminy.

Well, went into battle with it and found out it has Growl and Bide. Not bad, but not the best. I won the first battle with it, but I really want to find a Shinx. I saw one yesterday, but couldn't catch it.

Using the method of putting Jiminy in first then shifting to Sheldon, he grew to level 4. Still want to get him leveled up a bit more. I doubt I'll keep him, I'm not much liking the way it looks, and I'm just not that fond of bug Pokemon.

FINALLY ran across a Shinx. I have to be rather careful to not kill it completely. D: I was gonna use Jiminy, but the Shinx killed it during Bide. I shifted to Sheldon, risked a Pound move and got it into yellow, then was able to catch it.

Ahh, so it's an electric Pokemon. Awesome. I nicknamed it Starbit and now I think I'll head to the Pokemon Center and rest, then save and quit until later.

I like how I run into literally FIVE IN A ROW after I catch one. Geez. But yeah, Jiminy went into storage. Gonna concentrate on Starbit and Sheldon for a bit.

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  1. Poor Jiminy, but the Sinnoh region holds better bug pokemon.