Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Part 7: Honey and Wifi

Yeah, I couldn't stay away from it. So much awesome stuff happened last post I had to keep going. Happy Thanksgiving. I don't have any plans other than eating dinner at my neighbor's house.

I'm headed for the bike shop in Eterna City, but I'm on Route 204 right now. I've gone through a trainer, and I come across this poor kid who says that he's gonna beat me with the Magikarp that his dad gave him.

Either his dad's just mean or has a sense of humor.

I go through the rest of the trainers with no problem, and see a cave looming before me. I let out a huge sigh. I really hate caves.

I glance at the signpost and it says the cave is called Ravaged Path.


Anyway, there's also a kid standing around out front and he says there are boulders blocking the way inside. Thankfully, I still have the Geodude equipped and am prepared with Rock Smash. But let's hunt for a few Pokemon before going through the cave. See if we get anything different.

After shuffling through the grass for a while, I run across the usual stuff that I've seen so far, and I saw a few Budews, but I'm not entirely interested in getting one of those. So let's go for the cave now.

Right off the bat (no pun intended), I find a potion and TM39 (Rock Tomb). This cave isn't so big either. I go through with minimal annoyance and ran into one Psyduck.

I run into somewhat non-descript trainers, save an annoying double battle with some twins. Noticed an item to one side, and fount out it was TM09 (Bullet Seed).

Finally made it to Floaroma Town. Going under the arch, it is decorated nicely with blue flowers, and there is a field of blue flowers everywhere. A quick heal at the Pokecenter, and I'm going to explore a bit.

Talking to a few people, I learn some interesting things about the town. Floaroma Town was a barren, desolate hill long ago, avoided even by Pokemon, and then people started planting flowers on it because it was such a sad place. But nothing would grow, and no one knew what to do. And then one day, someone expressed thanks for the blessings of nature. Then the whole hill burst into bloom.

There's a little girl in a house who asked me if it was cute that Pokemon plucked berries. I smiled and just agreed with her, and lo and behold, she gives me the TM for the move Pluck (TM88).

Back outside, a villager mentions that the Galactic guys went through the meadow to the north. I'll check that out in a few minutes. There's a cute little shop I go into, apparently they sell berries. I'm given a free sample and also get a free Sprayduck to...water the plants.

I start heading north, and I hear voices yelling.

"Do as we say! Galactic will have that Honey!"

Great. Team Galactic. Suddenly, they notice me, and one of them says that I'm a witness. He throws out a Stunky and I easily beat it with a Spark from Starbit. Right after him, the other Grunt comes forward and sends out a few Zubats. I defeat him easily too, and they run off.

The old man that was there leaned over and picked up something off the ground and handed it to me. He says it's a Works Key and it's probably for the Valley Underworks. The man says they were trying to steal his Honey.

He is happy to be rescued and he gave me some Honey. I turn and as I turn he says to slather it on a tree to attract a Pokemon.

The image of myself pouring honey on a tree to attract a Pokemon makes me laugh.


A few hours later, I register my friend Tim's code: 5071.0598.1997

We discovered by accident and with much laughter that the microphones can actually pick up voice and you can voice chat through the DS itself. It was very unexpected.

We did a few battles and used the recorder, I'm going to try and record the battle off the screen with my webcam. It will be awesomely bad quality.


  1. Well this looks interesting since this is my 2nd favorite pokemon game. I hope to read more of this. I might as well give you my friend code even though you will have to play for awhile to get to the standards of my team. 4770 3353 2251

  2. If you want the battles to be fair, you can choose a level 100 or 50 and it will automatically level thm up for the battle.

  3. Any reason why you named your ponyta waffle?

  4. That was already explained. It's a reference to the name I gave Epona in Twilight Princess.

  5. I hate caves too...