Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Part 20: Solaceon Town

Okay, I took the suggestion of a comment and had Belle learn Shadow Claw. Should be fun to use, and I do like experimenting with moves and such.

I walk out onto a pier, and talk to a trainer standing there. He turns to me and says that a Good Rod is awesome.

I kinda nod, and then all of a sudden he says that we're of like mind and shoves a fishing rod into my hands.

Well...let me just put that in my pocket here.

While I'm walking along route 209, I come across a broken tower made of stone...and I notice that there's a spot that would be a perfect fit for an Odd Keystone some guy handed to me while I was in Hearthome. I push the Odd Keystone into the stone tower and see what happens.

I notice that the keystone fits perfectly. "Hallowed Tower" is written on it. Unsure of what it does yet, but we'll see.

I finally made it to Solaceon Town, but my rival ran into me.

"Donny! I got something cool. I'll show you as a special favor!" He looked surprised. "Huh? What the...what's this all about? I got some Seals, but I forgot to put them on. Oh...right, it's because I was at the ruins...they're cool, you'll have to check them out. I even found a Hidden Machine, Defog! Anyway, I'll battle you another time, see ya!"

And before I could get a word in, he just ran off.

Sometimes I worry about that boy.

I got into town and talked to a few people, and recieved the Pokemon History App.

Suddenly, I noticed a sign.

"Wanted! Pro Pokemon Catcher!"

I knocked on the door and a man answered it. "HI! You saw the notice outside about us hiring, right?" He pointed. "Is that a Pokedex there? You must know Professor Rowan! You are JUST the Pokemon searching expert we've been looking for!"

He went quiet, then all of a sudden...


I blink. "Excuse me?"

"I want you to bring me one. You must bring it today, or we're not gonna be able to run our main article. I'll pay you with a Heart Scale and some Poke Balls for it."

I grin. I have one in the PC. I go over to the Pokemon Center and go right back.

"Oh! That's it! BURMY! Thanks, let me get a closer look!" He stared intently at the Burmy. "I see...hmm...that's it! Thank you, now I can write a great article!"

He hands me some Pokeballs and a Heart Scale.

After a bit more exploration, a woman lets me have a Seal Case and some Seals. With a bit of experimentation, it seems it changes the way the Pokemon enter the battle. Just a neat little asthetic change.

The little boy in the house says that if I can find some pokemon that look like letters, he can give me some seals.

I fight a few trainers and also put in a Pokemon into the Daycare center to raise Sheldon a level and also to try it out.

I eye the Lost Tower. This is where departed Pokemon are laid to rest.

I go into the building and an ominous feeling washes over me. The steps creak as I walk up. On the third floor, the fog becomes too much for me to see, and I have to retreat. Instead, I'll go to the Solaceon Ruins.

For now, I have to stop, so more a little bit later!


  1. hee hee, pokemon that look like Letters

  2. The "Hallowed Tower" is for a special pokemon called Spiritomb. Its dark/ghost typing gives it no weaknesses and it is a decent pokemon stat wise. However you can only catch it if you talk to 32 people underground (excluding NPC's). So you can mett 32 different people underground or just meet one person 32 times underground.