Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Part 33: Final Badge

I leveled everyone up to level 50, then took on the Sunyshore Gym. When I entered the city, Flint from the Pokemon League stopped me and told me about the city's Gym Leader, Volkner. Appaerently, Volkner has had a bad streak of terrible battles, but not because he's lost, because he's won. He wants a good challenge, and Flint thinks that I'm the one to do that.

The Gym is a confusing mess of buttons and switches, but I eventually got through it.

My team was chewed pretty thoroughly by Volkner, but Starbit won out over his Luxray. All in all, a very good battle.

"Hehehe." Volkner chuckled when we were through battling. "That was the most fun I've had in a battle since...I don't know when!" A big smile was on his face. "It's also made me excited to know you and your team will keep battling to greater heights. This is your eighth Gym Badge. You've earned this!" He handed me the Beacon Badge and explained that I can now use Waterfall outside of battle. And that move happens to be key if I'm going to the Pokemon League. He also gives me TM57 (Charge Beam).

After exiting the Gym, I headed north to find the way to the Pokemon League.

"Hey! Donny!" Tim came up behind me. "What went and got all eight Gym Badges of Sinnoh! Aww, you...that's wicked! I envy you! But don't think you've won! Because I'm going to be the toughest Trainer ever! You watch me! Before I was dreaming. I just wanted to be like my dad. Now, things are different. I thought about what being a Trainer involves. I thought about what Pokemon are. We're going to get tougher one step at a time! I'm not going to challenge you to a battle now. I hate to say it, but I know you're tougher than me. But not a whole lot tougher, just a little. Our difference is about a yard? Nah, not even an inch." He coughed. "What I'm trying to say is that I will catch up to you in no time. If you don't hurry to the Pokemon League, I'll leave you in my wake!"

Jasmine, a girl who was standing nearbye walked up to me when Tim ran off. "Was that your friend?"

I nodded and apologized for his spasticness.

She smiled. "Seeing how you two got along made me happy somehow. It must be wonderful having a friend like that. A person that you can share anything and everything with. A person you can compete with without fighting. made me feel sort of warm seeing you two. It may seem odd, but I'd like you to have this as my thanks. This isn't much, but..." She handed me HM07 (Waterfall). "If you use it, you can get to the Pokemon League. Good luck."

I nodded and shook her hand.

Onward we go.

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