Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Part 31: No Death Ray, But Other Fun Stuffs

"I see. You are indeed strong."

Cyrus's last Pokemon had been going strong, but Waffle brought it down finally.

"And the basis of your power is your compassion toward Pokemon."

You better not talk for forever.

"How wasteful. Such emotions are but mere illusions. And, like all illusions, they fade over time until death banishes them forever. That is why I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality." He shook his head. "But that doesn't matter. I doubt you will ever understand my position."

You are going to talk forever, aren't you?

"That said, I recoginize that you are strong and courageous to come alone. This is your reward."

He held out his hand and dropped the Master Ball into it.

"The Master Ball is the ultimate Pokeball. It will unfailingly catch any Pokemon in the wild. But it is not anything I require. Unlike you Trainers, I do not make Pokemon my friends or partners. Unlike other Team Galactic members, I don't use Pokemon as tools. Instead, I make the power of Pokemon my own." He began to walk away, but then turned to look back at me.

"if you wish to save the Pokemon from the lakes, take the warp panel ahead. I am off to Mt. Coronet. I will ascend the mountain to its peak where destiny awaits me. It is there that I will create my new world.

I took the warp pad and landed in a very creepy lab.

The scientist there looked worried. "I feel awful about what we did. This experiment went too far."

What experiment? There are things suspended in green fluid around the room...but...

"I'm not sure if I can stomach what Master Cyrus plans. I feel too sickened to say anything. But that thing we made. What is it going to be used for?"

A bit odd.

In the next room, Uxie was being held in some sort of container. It appeared to be suffering, with eyes squeezed shut.


Two people were in the room. One was Saturn, and he turned to see me standing there. "You, you came all the way here just to save some Pokemon? Though it's nothing new, I can't say I understand our boss. Why would he let a kid like you come and go freely? We, Team Galactic, take all that we need, and eliminate what we do not."

What is it with these guys and monologues?

"But, anyway. You've taken the trouble to come. Let me welcome you! Consider it payback for your insulting me at the lake."


Another quick battle later.

"Gah! What makes you so tough?" He grumbled. "Fine. Do whatever you want with those three Pokemon. Press the button on that machine to set them free."

I rush in and press the button, setting the Pokemon free.

Saturn grumbled. "Our boss crafted a Red Chain from crystals he took from the three Pokemon. That Red Chain is what he needed to chackle something on Mt. Coronet. It's also apparently needed for creating something. But that's all I know. Who knows what he's planning to do up there."

Giant ray gun of death most likely.

Finally reached the top of the mountain. More grunts. Whee.

And at the top of the mountain, before I could reach Cyrus, Mars and Jupiter were ready to take me on. However, Tim joined in the battle and REFUSED TO HEAL ANY OF HIS POKEMON. OH. MY. GOD.


Then, after the battle, which was made more difficult by the COMPLETE LACK OF HEALING on his part, he healed our Pokemon.


Okay, onto Cyrus, who I know is going to talk for four years.



Cyrus just stood there, and I kinda wondered what he was thinking while I battled his two goons behind him this whole time.

"Everything is ready for the creation of a new world."

Death ray. Please. Gotta be.

"Now, all will end. And everything will begin."

Makes no sense. Please continue.

"With this, the Red Chain made from the crystals of the three lake Pokemon..."

And I'm suddenly reminded of Skies of Arcadia where the whole team is in the desert place with the same exact type of terrain, about to raise up a giant red Giga (monster thing).

Cyrus continues talking. "And this, the Red Chain I replicated with technological means...with these Red Chains I will pry open the portal to another dimention."

...why? Why do you want to do this?

"I command that you unleash your power for me."


"Dialga, the mythical Pokemon and the master of time!" Cyrus shouts. "And the other."


"Palkia, the mythical Pokemon, and the master of space and dimensions."

And I feel compelled to stand here and just let him talk. Why can't I just attack him now? Nah, just want to hear the end of this speech.

Describing giant black balls of space is somewhat difficult, so I'll just leave to your imagination. Anyway, Giant Black Balls of Space came out of nowhere, and then suddenly Dialga and Palkia showed up.

Cyrus grinned. "I've waited so long for this moment, Dialga and Palkia. Shaping this world is a double spiral of time and space. Yes, the very things that you have the ability to control! You will do my bidding! I will have your abilities as mine!"

Dunno if it's so smart to talk to two legendary creatures and demand their powers for yourself.

Cyrus obviously doesn't think this. "With the power I weild, I will create an entirely new world!"

If it just controles TIME...how is he going to create a new world other than just going somewhere else in time, or starting from the very beginning of space and time...oh...that does kinda makes sense. Maybe.

"The incomplete and ugly world we have now can disappear."

And I'm still standing here, just waiting for him to be done. I SHOULD attack...but...nah.

"I'm resetting everything to zero. Nothing can remain. It is all for making the ultimate world. A world of complete perfection. Nothing so vague and incomplete as spirit can remain."

Well then.

Suddenly, shiny yellow, pink, and blue balls of light show up overhead. Cyrus and I look up and he doesn't seem too fazed.

"I should have expected as much. Uxie, the Being of Knowledge. Azelf, the Being of Willpower. Mesprit, the Being of Emotion. The Pokemon have come to protect Sinnoh? Pathetic and worthless. It takes the three of them, the three lake Pokemon that symbolize spirit, to balance either the Pokemon of time or space. But they can't maintain balance against the two. Not when both Dialga and Palkia are here. Their coming here is in vain. So much meaningless drama."

Coming from the guy who shouts dramatically.

Cyrus turns to me, and the music stops. Wait.

"Now, Donny. You've constantly interfered with my plans, but you will be forgiven. After all, there will remain no spirit for all time when I am done."

So what happens to him?

"All spirit will disappear. It will be ripped away."

He needs a telepromter.

"From you! From your Pokemon! From those precious to you! It is time! My dream will be my realty!"

And then, something goes blech.

Cyrus squinted. "What is this pressure I feel? Something...is enraged?"

Propably the script writers.


Fuzzy Monster of Doom rises out of the floor. And Cyrus backs up and just says "interesting".


"So, there is a Pokemon that can only appear as a shadow. Regardless the effort is rash and foolish. I have harnessed the powers of Dialga and Palkia."

Oh have you now?

And then STROKE and Cyrus dissapears from the fuzzy monster of doom. So...no Giant Death Ray I assume now.

And then Cynthia is here.


The three balls of light dissapear into this swirly vortex thing, but Mesprit appears briefly in front of me before going back into the vortex.

"I'm sorry I took so long." Cynthia said, out of breath. "I think I finally found the answer from studying the myths. When this world was made, Dialga and Palkia appeared. Apparently, there was one more Pokemon that appeared at the same time. A Pokemon with as much power as Dialga and Palkia. But also one whose name was never to be spoken--GIRATINA!"

Pause for dramatic effect. And to notice the pillars around us bending and distorting.

Cynthia continues. "It's said to lurk in another world. A world on the opposite side of ours. That's what the shadow was. It must have been Giratina. The pillars are distorting. It's because of that portal. It's joined us to the other world. If it's not closed, the distortion will spread to Sinnoh and beyond."

Tons of peanut butter and marshmallows. Should do the trick.

"Our world will be destroyed. Are you ready? We have to chase Cyrus!"

Well duh.

"We have to hurry!"

And then, we were sucked into another time and place.

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