Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Part 30: Regeneration of the World Obligatory Monologues

Yes, I'm trying to finish up Platinum before I get Black.

The headquarters of Galactic were a little bit imposing, but I had determination. I only needed one more badge to face the Elite Four.

A grunt outside of the building smirked at me. "There! Would you look at those antennae?" He pointed to the huge satellites. "I don't know what they do, but those are some mighty impressive antennae." He looked at me closer. "Hey, it's you! I bet you don';t remember me, but I sure remember you! Because of you, they took my Clefairy away...my partner called it quits and went back to his old country." He teared up a little. "I know nothing. I don't know anything about any Storage Key!" He let out a huge sob and ran off.

I blinked. I felt a little bad. I didn't want to hurt anyone, I was trying to keep people from being hurt.

My thoughts were interrupted with Looker running up to me. "You leave this to me!"

Don't introduce yourself or say hi or anything.

"The Storage Key for entering the Team Galactic hideout, I have right here. A frontal assault, it is not possible. But we can enter their hideout. Will you enter the hideout? You have your reasons, yes?"

I gave a sharp, determined nod.

Looker smiled. "Very well. Inside the Team Galactic warehouse. We will meet there. Prepare the best you can. I shall join you shortly."

I got a quick heal-up at the local Pokecenter, then headed for the warehouse. Looker joined me pretty soon.

"I will use this Storage Key I have obtained from the Team Galactic." He placed the key into the lock, and it gave an odd 'ker-chunk' noise. The doors opened easily. Looker nodded. "I will go on ahead, my friend. Do not expose yourself to danger!"

A bit of wandering produced a Galactic Key, so I headed to the main warehouse.

Nothing interesting to speak of, until I see a report on a table. It's titled The Pokemon Statues of Eterna. I open it up and read it.

"Pokemon statue plate text no. 1 (from stolen plate): The creation of Dialga, the giver of time...In laughter, there is tears...and, likewise it is with time. The same time flows on. For it is the blessing of Dialga.

Pokemon statue plate text no. 2 (from stolen plate): The birth of Palkia. The creator of parallel dimensions...Alive, yet not alive. Everything drifts in space. To arrive in the same universe. It is the blessing of Palkia. The blue text has been extracted using a high-tech device made by the boss."

I set the report down. What was with the random blue text?

More wandering and I finally found Looker, and a giant crowd of people. A projector was on, and a video of the Galactic symbol showed. Cyrus walked out and announced.

"Fellow members of Team Galactic! Hear me! My name, as I appear to you today, is Cyrus. This world of ours is a crude one. In a word, it is incomplete. It has been, and always will be, a struggle to survive in this world. We humans and Pokemon are likewise incomplete. Because we are all so lacking, we fight, we maim. It is ugly. I hate the incompleteness. That we are all incomplete, I hate it with my entire body and being. The world should be complete. The world must change."

He walked out from behind the mic, and shouted. "Then, who will change it? Me, Cyrus! And Team Galactic. Yes, all of you! Together we pored over myths and exposed their secrets! TOGETHER we captured legendary Pokemon!"

He rose a fist. "And now, Team Galactic has obtained the energy to change the world! The power of dreams is within our grasp! Understand it, fellow members! My long-held dreamworld is on the verge of becoming realty. All those headed to Mt. Coronet, and those who remain here. Though our missions may differ, our hearts beat as one. Let there be glory for Team Galactic!"

A loud roar went up from the crowd. Cries of Master Cyrus is the greatest were heard.

Cyrus gazed out over the crowd and walked back into the portal behind him, dissapearing with the screams and yells. After he went, the crowd dissapated and Looker sighed.

"So, that was Cyrus, the boss of the Team Galactic. Quite the performance, no? Mesmerizing for one only 27 years old. But to make a world for Team Galactic and none other? It is preposterous. So uch so that it makes my head spin. A new world? What is that? And what is this incomplete world? Very well. To investigate such matterse is the job of the International Police. Of which I am a member in good stead. And it is my job, therefore. We shall part ways here. Take extra care, my friend!"

Looker took a LOOK around and sped off to do whatever Looker does in his spare time.

I keep making my way to the top of the building to find Cyrus. I needed to see what all this was about.

I step through a door into a room with the most awesome sparkly walls. Cyrus was standing in front of a table. He turned when I entered the room.

"So you've come. You heard my speech, I take it."

And I was not very impressed. Long winded. But I must say, he does have charisma. Just like a politician.

"A big lie of course." He snickered. "It's true insofar as my intention is to create a new world. But that world isn't for the likes of Team Galactic.

Yep, exactly like a politician.

"I seek an entirely new world solely for myself. If not, it could never be the complete and perfect world. You've seen my minions of Team Galactic. You yourself must know that they are uniformly useless and incomplete." He stepped forward and looked me in the eye. "I know why you're here. I can sense it in you. It's about Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf, correct? You want to save them. I no longer have any need for them. I am finished with them. If your heart aches to save them, go right ahead. I couldn't care less. It will save me the trouble of disposing of them."

He eyed me up and down. "But, I must say, you are a remarkable specimen. Those Pokemon have nothing to do with you, do they? But still you came to rescue them out of pity? Such pitifully useless emotions...it's illogical and irrationals. Pity and compassion are products of the weak and faulty human heart. You were compelled to come here by such vacuous sentimentality! I will make you regret paying heed to your heart!


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