Monday, February 28, 2011

Part 28: Exposition Explosion

"Okay, gramps! I brought Donny like I said. All right, I'll be outta here!"

Professor Rowan and Dawn were sitting at one of the library tables. Rowan cleared his throat, and Tim rolled his eyes, sitting down.

Rowan nodded. "Hm! Everyone's here finally. Donny, everyone, listen. You may have forgotten already, but I study the evolution of Pokemon. But the more I study, the more mysteries appear and multiply. Pokemon that evolve, and those that don't...what makes them different from each other? Do those that are immature as living beings evolve to ones more mature? If so, what do we make of the legendary Pokemon that don't evolve? Are we to assume that the legendary Pokemon are complete as creatures?"

Silence went around before he continued speaking.

"This is where you three come in. In the three lakes of Sinnoh, there are said to be mirage Pokemon. If we can obtain data on them, it may shed some light on how the process of Pokemon evolution works. I need help from each one of you on this grand undertaking. Help me find these Pokemon that are considered to be mirages."

"What are you saying? I didn't get a Pokedex!" Tim yelled.

"And who was it that bolted from the lab before I had a chance to give you a Pokedex? But that's water under the bridge! Seeing Pokemon with your own eyes is important for you in becoming a better Trainer, too."

Dawn grinned. "You can count on me! It will help with my Pokedex, too. Donny, you'll go, too, won't you?"

Before I could speak, Rowan interrupted. "I would have made all of you go regardless...Anyway. Now, there are three lakes. Fortuitously, there are three of you. You should therefore split up and investigate the lakes individually. Dawn, you go to Lake Verity."

"Will do!"

"Tim, I want you to investigate Lake Acuity. That would take you almost to snowpoint City. The road there is harsh. I need a tough Trainer to go."

Tim nodded at Rowan. "Sure, of course! Gramps, you know how to call it! You can tell I'm the hotness! And you know what? I was going to catch those legendary Pokemon for you. You know, as thanks for giving us our Pokemon back on Route 201...even though I completely forgot about it until just now."

"Very well," Rowan said. "I'm counting on you." He looked at me. "And that leaves Donny with Lake Valor. The lake is between Veilstone and Pastoria, if memory serves..."


The shaking stopped just as suddenly as it had started.

Rowan's eyes squinted. "Has it stopped? Are all of you unharmed?"

Tim whined. "What was that all about? No, wait, I mean, TV! The TV! News, anything!"

We all turned to the tv, which had a picture of smoke rising from the ground. The announcer spoke over the image. "What you've just witnessed is actual footage from the scene. It was taken by a cameraman who happened to be there. It's certaintly impressive. Who knows what the explosion could expose at the lake?"

Tim looked worried. "Gramps! They said it was an explosion?"

"Hmm..." Rowan thought. "But why at Lake Valor? Let's get outside. I'm concerned about the town. You kids, be careful going down the stairs."

Dawn got up to leave, then looked back at me. "Donny. You should leave now too. There may be aftershocks, however. Be alert always."

I raced down the stairs and met the group outside.

Rowan was looking to the sky. "That tremor...that wasn't a natural occurrence."

A sailor ran up to us. "Hey, hey! Old dude and kids! Did you hear? They're saying there was a huge explosion at Lake Valor! But I hear everything's fine now. I guess it was just a lot of noise."

"Gramps!" Tim exploded. "I'm going! I have a bad feeling about this!" And with that, he rushed off.

Rowan shook his head. "That Tim, can't sit still. Donny, I don't like to demand, but I need you at Lake Valor. It's impossible for things to be OK. Not after an explosion like that. But I have no idea what's taking place. But before you go, let me stress: don't get in over your head. We will try to join you as soon as we inspect Lake Verity."

"Donny, you'll be okay, no matter what, right?" Dawn asked.

I nod and head off towards the lake.

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