Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Part 25: Pastoria City and B&W Thoughts

So let's explore, shall we? What have we got?

I walk up to the first person I see.

"I'm visiting here to see the Great Marsh. I'm staying at the lakeside hotel."

What's the Great Marsh? Before I could ask, she just turned and walked off. Hmmf. Bit rude.

I continued walking more into the city, and someone with blue hair grumbled past me, mumbling to themselves.

"Grr...the package hasn't arrived from the Veilstone warehouse yet...I'm going batty from this wait...why do I have to wait here until it arrives? Wish I could do something that involves lots of explosives. Yup, this is going to be a smashing job for Team Galactic."

My eyes widened and I turned to see him dissapear into the crowd of people. What was Team Galactic up to now?

I saw a sign for Pastoria Great Marsh Observatory Gate. I ignored it for now. I like to sort of scout a city before doing anything else.

Ah, a Pokemon Center. As my Pokemon were healed, I struck up a conversation with someone there. I asked about the Great Marsh again, but he seemed to ignore me.

"The Great Marsh is vast! How vast is it, you ask?"

I didn't ask.

"Take a look from the Observatory and you can see for yourself!"

Ah, so that's what that was for.

"Pastoria'S Great Marsh was once a part of the Sea. The seawater drained slowly away over time, leaving the huge marshland. That's why they say there are rare Pokemon that you can only see here."

Well, let's head into the Great Marsh and see what we can get. I head back and walk up to the counter.

"Welcome to the Great Marsh! Is this your first Safari Game?"

I nod, and she happily explains what should be done.

"When you enter the Great Marsh, you start with 30 Safari Balls. That's the only kind of ball you're allowed to use in the Safari Game. The game is over when you run out of Safari Balls, or when you've walked 500 steps. Please do enjoy the untamed nature of the Great Marsh!"

I caught a Bibarel, Tropius, Wooper, and Tangela.

Tropius I actually kind of like. I might have used it earlier in the game, but I like my team now.

Another house has a man who wants to see a male and female combee. Thankfully, I have caught them, so I gladly show them to him.

"Cool! A female and male Combee. I feel giddy! Here's a reward, go ahead, take it!"

He hands me the Macho Brace, and I take a look at it. It promotes strength, but lowers speed.

"The Pokemon Combee is quite interesting. Only the female evolves and grows strong. The male does not. Come to think of it, my wife was awfully strong, too. She evolved from my bride to the mother of our kids."

Well then. I go and return my Combees to the Pokemon Center and continue exploring.

A woman called out to me. "Have you been to the Pokemon Mansion? It's on Route 212. The owner, Mr. Backlot, likes to brag about his herd of rare Pokemon."

Hmm...well, rare Pokemon doesn't usually mean awesome Pokemon. My team is clearly the better over any rare Pokemon.

Well, maybe I'll have to pay a visit to Mr. Backlot. I head to Route 212, eager to meet this man who thinks his Pokemon are so awesome.

In Which I Talk About Black/White

On a side note, I'll be preordering Pokemon Black, and Josh is going to be getting White. I doubt I'll do a text LP of it, and I do want to finish Platinum before even starting that one up, so we'll see. I've heard it's pretty different, so it should be interesting to talk about.

I don't really have a specific team I want to use, I usually pick when I find the right Pokemon. I usually go for the cute ones.

I do know my starter is going to be Oshawott, but I probably won't evolve it past it's second form, we'll have to see. I like the name Samurott, though.

I like Liepard, Tirtouga, Deerling, Vanillite, Klink, Litwick, Virizion, and Deino. I like the Legendary that's going to be in White (Zekrom) better, but no sense in having two of the same games.

I do at least want to use Deerling and Deino (even though you get it later on in the game) in my team. I'll probably end up using some other cute pokemon like the fluffeh dog and such. Have to see.

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