Sunday, February 27, 2011

Part 26: Marshes and Mansions

Slogging through the marsh is not fun. I'm reminded of the Lord of the Rings scene in the books where the flies and mud and such just torture the party as they travel. Thankfully, I don't have Ring Wraiths after me, so there's not too much worry about getting stuck forever or getting my soul sucked out of my body.

Which is always good.

But I do run into a few trainers, so I'm able to level up my Pokemon that way, as well as the random pokemon throwing themselves in front of my strong team for absolutely no reason. Y'know, I don't WANT random battles, I really hate random battles in games, even though I love RPG's. Like Final Fantasy for example. I've only played FF9 at great length, and that was on an emulator. I own X-2 and XII for console, but I haven't really pulled them out and played all.

Because of the stupid, idiotic, take-three-steps and BAM BATTLE OUT OF NOWHERE.

K, enough of me ranting, back to my Pokemon journey.

I finally make it to the Pokemon Mansion. I step inside, and a woman greets me.

"This is the way out to the trophy garden. The garden is open for all visitors to enjoy. Please beware-wild Pokemon may appear in the garden."

Hmmm...might be a good chance to see what Pokemon appear here. But first to explore the rest of the mansion.

"The 5-Maid Knockout Exact-Turn Attack Challenge! Beat all 5 of us in a row without a break! Want to try?"

Hell yeah, let's give this a shot!

Ninteen moves later, I fail the stupid challenge. Let's go flind Backlot. His office is just down the hallway, and the maid shows me in.

"Hello, hello! Welcome to my opulent mansion! There's a lot for me to be proud of inside, and outside, of this home...But what makes me the most proud is my trophy garden in the back! Why bother traveling afar when Pokemon are attracted by my garden? They come to me in hopes of seeing the garden! You're welcome to join them and marvel at my garden!"

The butler next to him straightened. "Master is a truly wonderful and generous person! It's on his orders that the garden, his pride and joy, is open to all, even Trainers."

Maybe this guy isn't so bad after all. I thought he would be incredibly snooty. Maybe I'll find some interesting Pokemon.

Eh, nothing terribly interesting, so I just head back into town to take down the gym.

Even though it was slightly annoying to navigate, it wasn't very hard. Starbit was most valuable player of course, because of the elctric type.

After heading out, I walked by the signboard with the Croagunk picture on it, and saw Tim's face sticking out of it.

I blinked and turned to talk to him, but noticed the Gym Leader, Crasher Wake, standing near the entrance to the Marsh. I tried to ignore Tim, but when I started to talk to Wake, he just sorta butted in.

"Hey!" Tim rushed up. "What am I, Chopped liver? Don't forget I'm here too!"

Wake sighed. "So, where's this Galac..."


Best sound effect ever.

With the DDDOOOMMM!! sound sounded, a Galactic grunt rushed out of the marsh.

"Fweh! That was rough."

Wake looked angry and stared at the grunt. "YOU! What've you done?!"

Crossing his arms, the grunt snorted. "What've I done, you're asking? Well, technically speaking, it wasn't me. The package that arrived, see, that was a bomb, named the Galactic Bomb. Me, I was told to ppush the button. So I did. Like, poink! Oh, that's right! Mustn't forget! The test results need reporting! Cheerio, then! You daft codger, your mask's absurd!"

"The Great Marsh is invaluable..." Waka turned to the entrance. "You two! Do NOT follow me! Don't let anyone else in, either! There'd be big trouble if there's any of that bomb left!"

Tim started to go in after him. "Hey! Donny! Go after that Galactic guy! I'll wait here!"

I finally caught up after a rather long chase and was able to defeat his one Pokemon rather easily. What do these guys think, only having one Pokemon up against a trainer?

After the battle, Cynthia showed up and gave me something called SECRETPOTION (all one word so you have to say it really fast) to heal the Psyducks that are blocking the route to Celestic Town. Tim and her headed off to Lake Valor to investigate the Galactic stuffs that's going on.

Awesome, that gives me a chance to grind up some of my Pokemon and look in a new town.


How come I always end up in a town without a Pokemart after getting something from an event?


We went to Gamestop and got Celebi from the event there, and it's supercute.


Anyways, on my way to Celestic Town I taught defog to a Tropius I had. I actually think that Pokemon is kind of cool. I wouldn't mind using one on a team one day.

I got there and perused the town for a while, found Cynthia's grandmother (we'll call her Old Lady) who I had to deliver some sort of charm to. She told me about the Glactic Grunt who's standing out in front of the shrine.

He was an easy win, and I head inside to take a look around. There isn't much in there other than a cave drawing depicting three Pokemon "in balance".

After a bit of history about the balance of Pokemon and such, Cyrus shows up out of nowhere.


So, he spouts off a bunch of stuff about wanting to make the world a new or better place, and I defeat his team easily. Can't make much change with a weak Pokemon team.

After Cyrus admits defeat, he runs off, and Old Lady hands over Surf (HM03).


I didn't really catch anything of interest.


After a bit of grinding up, Belle evolved into Purugly. Everyone says it's ugly, but I think it's super cute and fluffy looking. The colours are nice on it too.

Sheldon evolved into Empoleon, and it's now part water and steel, and really awesome-looking. Waffle evolved FINALLY into Rapidash. Been waiting a while for that to happen, it's one of my favorite evolutions.

Me and Josh have been playing Pokemon together a bit now, and sometimes I just don't type what happens, thus the un-story-likeness of some of these posts. They aren't really entertaining, hopefully later ones will be.

Anyway, here's updated stats for my Pokemon after grinding and such:

Oswald (Drifblim) GHOST/FLYING

HP: 181
SP. ATK: 88
SP. DEF: 46

Starbit (Luxray) ELECTRIC

HP: 120
SP. ATK: 91
SP. DEF: 69

Belle (Purugly) NORMAL

HP: 124
SP. ATK: 60
SP. DEF: 61
SPEED: 105

Waffle (Rapidash) FIRE

HP: 108
SP. ATK: 87
SP. DEF: 77
SPEED: 104

Josh (Floatzel) WATER

HP: 130
SP. ATK: 79
SP. DEF: 46
SPEED: 115

Sheldon (Empoleon) Water/STEEL

HP: 131
SP. ATK: 109
SP. DEF: 90

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