Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Part 24: My Journey Continues

So last we left off, Dawn had approached and was all like "help me, I can't fight these goons alone!"

Unfortunately, I forgot to type out what I've done since then, so, I went through the Galactic Building and such. I'll type out what my little note cards say when I start up the game.

"Feb. 2 Wednesday:

Started from Veilstone City. Departed from Galactic HQ. Got through Solaceon Ruins. Rare Candy was obtained. Got through Maniac Tunnel. Caught UNOWWN (LATE NIGHT)."

In other news, Josh and I went to the Gamestop event and got the three Shiny Legendaries. I didn't feel like resetting for stats, because I'm not going to use them for battle most likely.

Raikou (lvl 30)

A nice design, and the tail is kind of cool with the ligntning tail. It's an electric type, so it makes sense. Yellow is one of my favorite colours, so the yellow pouf thing on it is neat.

My Raikou has a rash nature.

HP: 102
Attack: 63
Defense: 55
Sp. Atk: 89
Sp. Def: 63
Speed: 74

Entei (lvl 30)

Not too impressed with the way this one looks. It's not terrible, it's just not my favorite. It looks chunky, and has this weird blue face/brown body thing going on like they ran out of colours. It's a fire type.

My Entei has an adamant nature.

HP: 116
Attack: 88
Defense: 57
Sp. Atk: 55
Sp. Def: 53
Speed: 67

Suicune (lvl 30)

My favorite out of the three, I absolutely adore the design of this Pokemon. Excellent lines and has an unearthly feel to it with the flowing wavy stuff coming off of it. The colour is nice, with the dark blue/light blue body with the white spots. It is a water type.

My Suicune has a relaxed nature.

HP: 103
Attack: 53
Defense: 88
Sp. Atk: 64
Sp. Def: 81
Speed: 53

I continue on to route 214 towards Valor Lakefront. I battle a few trainers on the way, trying to get everyone on my team up to level 30.

I finally make it into town, and discover that some lady is missing her room key. She gives a very Anvilicious clue that the dowsing app might help. But she doesn't have it. Good thing I do. What would people do without me, seriously?

I start to explore a few houses, because no one seems to care me just barging in wherever I want to. A clown gave me the TM92 (Trick Room)

I finally got the key back to the lady and she gave me a White Flute. A bleh prize. It makes more wild encounters. Which I suppose may be useful if you are looking for a particularly rare pokemon somewhere...otherwise...no.

I head into the Seven Stars Restaurant: More Flavour Than You Can Wish For. I beat all the trainers in there, then continued towards Pastoria City. A couple of trainers later, and Starbit evolved into Luxray.

I saw an old man standing around near the Pastoria City sign in the building, and he waved me over.

"Footprints are left in the sand when you walk on a beach."

I nodded. That's usually what sand does. But I continued listening. He was old, and probably didn't get to talk to many people.

"Pokemon seem to enjoy leaving footprints as much as people." And with that he just went silent.

I sort of hung around for a few more seconds, but he just stared off into space as if remembering another time and place. I shook my head and headed into Pastoria City.

What would I find here? A difficult gym? New things to do? What would await me and my Pokemon?


  1. Sterlingdragon123May 11, 2011 at 8:04 PM

    So why don't you and Bikdip have tvTrope pages again?